Set the random number generator used by all the random functions. To set the random seed use the AMPL option randseed. E.g.:

call gsl_rng_set('taus2');
option randseed 781206;
print gsl_ran_gaussian(1);

Must be a valid gsl generator name, listed here:

borosh13, cmrg, coveyou, fishman18, fishman20, fishman2x, gfsr4, knuthran, knuthran2, knuthran2002, lecuyer21, minstd, mrg, mt19937, mt19937_1999, mt19937_1998, r250, ran0, ran1, ran2, ran3, rand, rand48, random128-bsd, random128-glibc2, random128-libc5 random256-bsd, random256-glibc2, random256-libc5, random32-bsd, random32-glibc2, random32-libc5, random64-bsd, random64-glibc2, random64-libc5, random8-bsd, random8-glibc2, random8-libc5, random-bsd, random-glibc2, random-libc5, randu, ranf, ranlux, ranlux389, ranlxd1, ranlxd2, ranlxs0, ranlxs1, ranlxs2, ranmar, slatec, taus, taus2, taus113, transputer, tt800, uni, uni32 vax, waterman14, zuf